Mish Fultz

Color Correction & Blonding Specialist

Hello friends! My name is Mish! I love a good challenge as far as coloring goes. To be able to transform someone into a completely different person just with your hair alone; I think is pretty freaking RAD!

I am also a Co Owner of our beautiful lounge here so I’m a work behind the chair boss. We take the most pride in people feeling safe and comfortable in their own skin. We welcome she’s, he’s, they’s and thems. All we care about is if you’re a beautiful soul.

Fun fact; I got pregnant at 17 years young and still Pursued my dream. I ended up graduating a few months early from Highschool, worked full time for a year and then enrolled in beauty school by 18. I think what I am so grateful for is having our son and now our daughter to push me to do better and to go for it.