Torro Clark

Blonding & Vivid Color Artist

My name is Torro, I’m 30 and I’ve been a professional cosmetologist for more than 8 years. I specialize in blonding services and vivid color projects. I love to take my blonde clients on a safe and healthy journey to their blondest dreams without sacrificing the integrity of their hair. I prefer to use my professional knowledge and my clients preferences to work together and find hair goals that are obtainable and suitable for their skin tone, lifestyle and expectations.

Raised by a single mom with two jobs, I’d watch her get ready everyday. From a skilled trade of baggy shirts and slicked back ponytail in the morning to the full glamour of a nightlife bartender with teased hair and fancy makeup, I’d be amazed at the visual and psychological shift that takes place after someone feels beautiful. From then on I knew that, in whatever way possible, I wanted to be a part of that transformation

Most people’s first question to me is where my name came from, it is a nickname but I’ve gone by it for 12 years. I was a cheerleader through high school for context but I worked at a job where 3 of us all had the same name so my manager dubbed me Torro from the 2000 hit movie bring it on to ease the confusion. I actually really didn’t care for it at first but I’ve really grown to love it and I’ve built my professional career with the name so more people call me Torro then my actual name after all these years. And on a positive note, it’s a hard name to forget. :)