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Vibe Beauty Lounge's Employees



Behind the Chair



Color Correction & Blonding Specialist

 Hello friends! My name is Mish! I love a good challenge as far as coloring goes. To be able to transform someone into a completely different person just with your hair alone; I think is pretty freaking RAD! 

    I am also a Co Owner of our beautiful lounge here so I’m a work behind the chair boss. We take the most pride in people feeling safe and comfortable in their own skin. We welcome she’s, he’s, they’s and thems. All we care about is if you’re a beautiful soul.

    Fun fact; I got pregnant at 17 years young and still Pursued my dream. I ended up graduating a few months early from Highschool, worked full time for a year and then enrolled in beauty school by 18. I think what I am so grateful for is having our son and now our daughter to push me to do better and to go for it. 



Blonding & Vivid Color Artist

 My name is Torro, I’m 28 and I’ve been a professional cosmetologist for more than 6 years. I specialize in blonding services and vivid color projects. I love to take my blonde clients on a safe and healthy journey to their blondest dreams without sacrificing the integrity of their hair. I prefer to use my professional knowledge and my clients preferences to work together and find hair goals that are obtainable and suitable for their skin tone, lifestyle and expectations.

       Raised by a single mom with two jobs, I’d watch her get ready everyday. From a skilled trade of baggy shirts and slicked back ponytail in the morning to the full glamour of a nightlife bartender with teased hair and fancy makeup, I’d be amazed at the visual and psychological shift that takes place after someone feels beautiful. From then on I knew that, in whatever way possible, I wanted to be a part of that transformation

       Most people’s first question to me is where my name came from, it is a nickname but I’ve gone by it for 12 years. I was a cheerleader through high school for context but I worked at a job where 3 of us all had the same name so my manager dubbed me Torro from the 2000 hit movie bring it on to ease the confusion. I actually really didn’t care for it at first but I’ve really grown to love it and I’ve built my professional career with the name so more people call me Torro then my actual name after all these years. And on a positive note, it’s a hard name to forget. :)


Sammy Wirtz

Color Artist

Hello beautiful people!! I’m a Colorado native specializing in creative color, cuts and texture (perms and extensions). Making you feel beautiful is why I’m in this business. I strive to make you feel like your best self walking out of the salon. 


Deli Walker

Lash & Brow Specialist

Hi all, my name is Deli! 

I am ALLLL about all things lashes and brows! I love being able to change someone’s appearance and making them feel better about themselves with something so simple! 

I chose esthetics because making YOU feel beautiful in your own skin makes my own days brighter and I wouldn’t change it for the world! 

Fun fact! I used to be a competitive jump roper! 


Mayah Evelo

Bridal Specialist

Hello my name is Mayah Evelo!


I am the bridal specialist here at the vibe beauty lounge. I love being able to make brides and their party feel magical on their special day. I have been doing bridal hair and makeup for 6 years. I also do hair and makeup for proms, homecomings, winter balls, etc. I would love to make your day just as special as you are!

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